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video matrix : urban windows : wk1

An (experimental) collaborative video project I designed and produced this summer at Design Camp. Three College Camp Counselors directed High School Students to act out motions and gestures to custom music. This week it was simulating people interacting in an urban building. The individual videos are shot independently of each other  then combined in post to form one cohesive story or just a music video. To make this possible the students create a story board, character placement matrix, a timing dope sheet and rough sound track. These are all required created before shooting.  The sound track is tightened up and videos are digitally composited (after effects). The 60-180 sec video is completely finished in one day: script to screen.

PDF Download: Actor Action Sound Dope Time Sheet [portrait] 8 1/2” x 11”

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How-To, DIY Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation is relatively easy and a blast to do with kids that are interested, the younger the better! However, I’ve had adults request and have a blast with this program. So let’s get started.

Stop motion animation is the process of sewing or seaming together a series of still shots to create a movie. (sequential art images appearing to magically move). It can be done with clay (Wallace & Gromit and Gumby), plastic puppets (The Nightmare Before Christmas) or anything else you can easily photograph and move around. Although you can achieve amazing results, you have to limit some things to make it go smoothly. Continue reading

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