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video matrix : urban windows : wk1

An (experimental) collaborative video project I designed and produced this summer at Design Camp. Three College Camp Counselors directed High School Students to act out motions and gestures to custom music. This week it was simulating people interacting in an urban building. The individual videos are shot independently of each other  then combined in post to form one cohesive story or just a music video. To make this possible the students create a story board, character placement matrix, a timing dope sheet and rough sound track. These are all required created before shooting.  The sound track is tightened up and videos are digitally composited (after effects). The 60-180 sec video is completely finished in one day: script to screen.

PDF Download: Actor Action Sound Dope Time Sheet [portrait] 8 1/2” x 11”

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Design Camp 2008

Design Camp - NC State University, College of Design

Design Camp 2008
NC State University, College of Design

Design Camp is an annual summer design program offered to high school students at NC State University College of Design. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Design Camp has exposed more than 1,500 high school students to the exciting world of design. Design Camp informs students about college study in design and raises awareness of the impact of art and design through a series of weeklong summer programs. In 2007, Design Camp became an outreach program of CAM (Contemporary Art Museum). CAM joined the College of Design in February 2006, becoming the lead component in the college’s Art + Design in the Community Initiative. Design Camp projects challenge students to explore their creativity and critical-thinking skills while pushing them to try a range of techniques and media. The exploration of the design process teaches students to question, make choices, generate alternatives, work collaboratively and ultimately broaden their understanding of the world around them.
Camp participants work with camp faculty on projects involving each of the following design disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, art + design and graphic design. In addition to studio projects, students participate in other activities all aimed at stimulating their creativity and broadening their understanding of the design field.

Design Camp is for:

+ High school students eager to learn more about design in a college environment
+ Beginners interested in developing skills and creativity through hands-on experiences
+ Teens wanting to meet other high school students who enjoy art & design from around the state and country
+ Young artists and designers serious about preparing portfolios for art and design college admission
Each year we offer two different camp formats for high school students. Design Camp Overnight and Design Camp Day.

For more information review the registration guidelines and camp information here.