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DesignCamp Featured on creators of iStopMotion has featured the animations produced by Design Camp students on their Video of the Day for August 4, 2008, check it out here:

Thanks again for the folks at Boinx for providing the Design Camp 2008 session with demos of iStopMotion and a discount for DesignCamp students towards the purchase of iStopMotion. If you were a student in the DesignCamp program and haven’t received the information flyer for the discount please contact Nicole Welch.

“Fierce” Out-takes

Even small budget films and animations have the best out-take reels. Watch during Ryan’s morning animation critique as the students reviewed the out-takes from the production of 1 of 10 video matrixes produced during the Art+Design Animation section of Design Camp 2008.

Afternoon stroll…

The Gallery for the overnight camp sessions for Week 1 and Week 2 are up and running.

[ View Gallery 1 ]

[ View Gallery 2 ]

Storyboards Are Key

Working with standard 3″x3″ sticky notes we can easily layout simple storyboards before one begins any real animation. Using a standard 8×11 sheet of paper we can easily get 6 settings drafted out and then extend the storyboard from there based on keyframes or frames-per-second settings you want to shoot your animation at… Getting your key camera angles and setting these blocked scenes helps in finalizing your story as well as starting your project right.