Design Camp - NC State University, College of Design++ ANIMATION ++

Design Camp
NC State University, College of Design


Being an animator is one of the best jobs in the world. But when did animation begin? What are the different types of animation? What do professional animators do? How do you become an animator? How long does it take? How do you create a good animation?

There are many ways you can animate and there’s endless media to choose from. You can use photos, drawings, sculpted clay, found objects, or magazine cut outs to create a sequential series of images that appear to actually magically “move”. In our animation project we are going to combine both a series of still photography and other various objects to create a personal animation to be displayed at the end of design camp. We are going to create sequential art…art that moves!

Group Project – You have been asked to animate a digital media piece for the Contemporary Art Museum that will be combined with other animations and presented in a “grid-matrix like” format. The animation will involve taking a series of 360 self-portraits. These photo images of you will be layered and digitally combined with other animated media of your choice with the help of software and computer. All of the final animations will be combined in a 3×3 grid similar to the famous Brady Bunch matrix. These animations will be shown together as the all play individually with sound. It will appear as one animation.

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